Wedding Booking Season is Upon Us

July 30, 2015 - Event Catering

That’s right – it’s that time of year again. We have been booking weddings like crazy this month. I thought I would take the time in this blog to explain how we go about helping people organize and book their wedding. From my experience, I have found that many new couples have no idea how to prepare for their wedding; and so this guide will hopefully allow them to navigate the process.

After choosing a venue, the first thing a couple should do is determine the rentals and service they will need at their wedding. Rentals may include tables, chairs, linens, dish-ware, flatware, napkins, and chafing dishes. While all the rentals are important, the chafing dishes are particularly important to reduce the stress from your wedding. If anything runs behind schedule at the wedding, the chafing dishes ensure that your food stays hot.

After choosing rentals, it is time for the couple to decide what type of service they would like at their wedding. The different types of service include buffet style, family style, and plated. While buffet style is the cheapest option and probably the best choice for small weddings, it may not be preferred for large weddings. Family style and plated are more expensive, but would ensure that there are not long lines to wait and serve out food. In the family style option, every table has it’s own set of food that they will pass around to each other. In the plated option, servers will be available to plate out all of the food onto individual plates and to refill drinks and take away dirty dishes. Have alcohol that needs to be served? Not a problem. We can supply licensed bartenders to serve at your wedding.

Finally, the couple is ready to choose the food at their wedding. Oftentimes, it is smart to have two different types of meat dishes and a vegetarian/gluten-free option at your wedding so that everyone is accommodated. Common choices from our menu include the vienna brisket beef, lemon-herb chicken, and the tri-tip. Combined with creamy mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables makes this the perfect combination for a successful wedding. Our full menu can be found at .

If you are getting ready to plan a wedding, make sure that you are prepared. You can call us today at 925-470-0070 and we will set you up with one of our expert wedding planners, free of charge.