Finger Food, Hors D’Ouevres and Arguing – Choosing Appetizers

June 9, 2016 - Business Catering

Finger Food, Hors D’Ouevres and Arguing – Choosing Appetizers

Catering for guests on your own is always a
stressful job, but what if it didn’t have to be? The main argument amongst
organisers tends to be about what little foods to go on the sides will be ordered,
but here are some ideas to pass on to the appetizer caterers about what hors
d’ouevres you’d like to be at your event.

Cheese and Cracker Tray: The classic. Most
people love cheese and you can choose an array of different cheeses to make
sure there is something for everyone’s taste. In fact, see how many cheeses the
organisers can name. Might stop the quarrelling for a while, as well as show
you how many options there are with this seemingly simple appetiser!

Guacamole and Chips: Nothing like chips
and dip to feel right at home. Not too fancy, but oh so popular. Who can

Cranberry Chili Meatballs: You love
meatballs? This mouth-watering combination of juicy pork, sweet cranberry and
the hint of spice in the chili will blow your guests away.

Fresh Fruit Tray: There’s many layers to
the genius in this idea. Fresh fruit tastes delicious, plus its super good for
you and will give you a natural burst of energy. How much more can you ask for?

So obviously these are just a few ideas,
but choosing the finger food caterers can be a tough choice, so you need to
have an idea of what kind of foods you will be looking to order. First,
consider the setting. If this is a reception for the President then maybe
nachos and cheese might not be the brightest idea, but similarly a birthday
party where loads of kids will turn up may not be the best event for catering
packed full of complicated and exotic hors d’ouevres. Kids will love simple
foods that are familiar to everyone and taste great, but wedding parties and
expensive events full of food-loving guests will be perfect for some of the
more â€out-there’ appetizers that you can think of, with new and exciting

You should also take into account what
foods will be served as mains or even dessert. You don’t want to be serving a
cheese plate both before and after mains, as delicious as that would be of
course. With the same reasoning, you want to try and differentiate the flavours
that your guests will get to experience between courses, as the same types of
food can get quite boring. Everyone has a much clearer idea of the ideal main
course they would like to be served, so start there and work backwards.
Sometimes though, you can just be selfish. If it’s your big day and you’re the
one being celebrated, consult with those closest and decide between you. You
can just hope that the other guests will enjoy the food you love and decide on,
and sometimes it’s okay to treat yourself.

The foods listed above were inspired by the
delicious menu on the Fremont Catering Company website, who are superb at hors
d’oeuvres catering, and provide a fantastic array of foods for any occasion.