Christmas Party Catering: Tips to Keep in Mind

June 12, 2016 - Local Catering

Organizing a Christmas party can be a challenge, what with all the
festivities happening around and the busy schedule of everybody. Before
you get swamped with the holiday buzz, check out the following tips to
help you get started on planning your Christmas party catering.

Set a budget.
first thing to do is to allocate a budget for the whole event. Apart
from being fairly expensive, it will be hard to organize an event
without knowing how much budget to work on. The budget must cover the
whole event – from chairs and tables, party decors, catering, gifts and
prizes, etc. You can do a quick canvassing of current market prices and
rates so you’ll have an idea how much to allot for the party.

Save the date.
must be done at least weeks before the set date for the event. This can
give you enough leeway to complete all the preparations and make
adjustments if necessary. Many Chanukah catering also usually
charge differently for their services depending on the date when you’ll
conduct the party. This can also help you avoid the holiday rush,
particularly during this busy time of the year.

Give a headcount of guests.
from the budget, Christmas party catering rates and services will also
depend on the number of guests you’re expecting to attend. Many
Christmas party caterers often ask for the headcount in advance so they
can plan the menu better and give you a more accurate budget plan for
the event.

Pick an ideal party place.
Your caterer needs to
know where the party will be held so they can plan the setup more
efficiently. Be sure to let them know the location early on and ask if
there will be any catering restrictions depending on the location you
chose. If you don’t have a place in mind yet, you can ask them for
suggestions depending on the type of event and number of guests you’re

Determine the type of event.
Your type of affair will
largely determine the type of thanksgiving caterers menus ideal to have for
your event. Decide if it will be a formal or a more open occasion.
Start planning the menu once you’re decided on the kind of event you’re

Start organizing other party needs aside from food.
looking for a caterer, make sure to check their catering packages.
Apart from the food service, you can also look for caterers that include
party decorations and other party needs in their packages (e.g. party
tables and chairs, tents, entertainment, as well as hosting services).

Ask for a quotation.
determining what you need for your event, make it a point to ask for
quotations from reputable and licensed Christmas caterers . If you
are looking for a new caterer, be sure to compare service rates and
catering packages as you go along. Settle for the one that can give you
most value for the budget you have in mind.

Verify caterer’s reputation.
a good caterer can be tricky because of the numerous options available.
Take time to verify the quality and reliability of their services so
you only get the best value for your money. Check reviews and
word-of-mouth testimonials from their past clients so you’ll have an
idea how they work.