All You Need To Know Before Selecting A Graduation Party Caterer

June 15, 2016 - Business Catering

It is very
important to make your graduation party a memorable experience. All the hard
work you have put in needs to be rewarded with an out of this world party. You
will obviously need a good graduation catering company to make sure everything
goes as planned. So what are the factors you need to consider before selecting
a graduation party catering company?


You need a
company that knows what they are doing. The best way to find out if they are
legit is by finding out how long they have been operating and how satisfied the
customers are. You should also make sure that they are experienced in
graduation catering as most catering companies have a wide range of services. A
good example is Fremont Catering Company which operates around the city of
Fremont, California.


You do not
want a company with over-priced food. Compare the prices with several catering
companies to determine the market price. You do not have to pay too much money
for services that you can get at lower prices. If however you find that the
quality of the services is simply exquisite and cannot be compared, make sure
you give them what they deserve.


This simply
means that they are willing to provide the catering services where you want. It
is your party after all so you make the rules. The graduation caterers should
be willing to do the serving the place that is most suitable for you, whether outdoor
or indoor. The catering company should also be flexible in case you need to
cancel. There should be no charge if you decide to cancel event 2 weeks prior.
There should not be too many regulations for example a mandatory deposit fee.


A party can
be ruined by unprofessional graduation caterers.
The employees of the catering company should have a reputation for good behavior
and they should only offer quality services. You don’t want unprofessional behavior
that will spook your guests. The graduation catering company should also have a
reputation for delivering their services on time.

The Menu

This should
probably have been the first point. A graduation party catering service is
nothing without food. One cannot emphasize enough the importance of the food to
be served. This will either make or break your graduation party. The catering company
needs to offer delicious finger licking food that you will not forget. They must
also consider the different needs of all the guests in the party; therefore there
should be a variety of dishes to choose from. The food should not be the mainstream
food that everyone is used to but should have a unique serving that will leave
your guests talking about your party. There should also be a wide variety of
beverages added to the menu.

A catering company
that offers additional services like equipment rental is a big plus to the
package. Sometimes equipment like cutlery can be difficult to find if you have
many guests. A highly legit company that has been around for the past 40 years
is Fremont Catering Company. Go for it.